Epic Store’s Refund Policy is Tougher Than it Looks

Epic’s answer to Steam’s stranglehold on the PC store market has gotten some buzz since its debut last week. However, that isn’t to say there aren’t problems. Epic Store’s refund policy in particular sounds good on paper, but its execution is coming under fire.

On their site, Epic Game Store’s site specifically states that they will offer two refunds per user after two weeks of purchase at any time for any reason. When one person decided to take up their offer, they got plenty of questions.

According to the form they got, Epic Games asks for a following after a refund request:

  • IP addresses
  • Date when you created your Epic Games account
  • Invoice for any Epic Game purchase made on the account
  • Location where you made the game purchase
  • The original display name for the account
  • Last four digits of the payment card used on the account
  • Date of last login
  • Names of PlayStation, Switch, Twitch or Xbox accounts connected to the Epic Games account.

Epic notes that these are security measures taken in order to verify the person requesting the refund. And according to Reddit, you may not need to answer all of the questions to get the refund. But the amount of questions being asked here may seem excessive to some.

The Epic Games store launched last week to much fanfare. Presenting itself as an alternative to Steam, Epic’s store gives 88 percent of revenue of games sold to the developers, a huge difference compared to the 30 percent that can be seen on clients like Steam or mobile phone stores. It will even waive royalties for developers who use the Unreal Engine that launch their games on the new platform.

Some developers like the new service enough that they’re making their games exclusive to the platform. The upcoming Satisfactory from the developers of Goat Simulator has been dropped from Steam and will be released only for the Epic Games store, for example.