Rainbow Six Siege Auto Ban Policy Replaced With Chat Filter

A recent Rainbow Six Siege auto ban policy regarding offensive chat is being overturned. It’s set to be replaced with a slightly less harsh measure to combat offensive language.

Earlier this year, Rainbow Six Siege introduced a policy where players using offensive language in text chat would be automatically banned for a period of 27 minutes. Understandably, a number of irate players with a proclivity for coarse language were upset at these bans. It appears that this system may have been more trouble than it’s worth—Ubisoft has decided to tone things down and do away with the Rainbow Six Siege auto ban system.

That’s not to say that players will be able to throw out whatever offensive speech that they’d like with no consequences. While the Rainbow Six Siege auto ban system is gone, a chat filter has been put in its place. Certain messages will simply be hidden from the view of other players when a word or phrase deemed offensive by Ubisoft is used in text chat. The offending player will receive a private message alerting them that the team behind the game will be reviewing the message for inappropriate language.

Ubisoft stated that the Rainbow Six Siege auto ban measures were “intrusive to the gameplay of other players not engaging in the inappropriate activity.” This might not be immediately clear to someone unfamiliar with the game. Much like OverwatchRainbow Six Siege is the sort of team game where the lack of a single player can seriously swing the odds in favor of your opponents. Ostensibly, Ubisoft wasn’t too keen on a team effectively being penalized because one or more of their allies was automatically banned for using offensive language in chat.

Chat messages that are flagged for review will be looked over by the Rainbow Six Siege team. These filtered messages may still result in a ban or other disciplinary measures if whoever reviews it deems it to be offensive.

[via VG 24/7]