Report: Sonic Movie Poster Leak Shows a Weird Looking Sonic

A post on ResetEra has shown what appears to be a Sonic Movie poster leak, with the image fcausing a stir over whether it’s real or not. The poster was later updated with images of the rumored actors and voice actors shortlisted for the upcoming live-action Sonic movie. The iconic hedgehog will be coming to theaters in November 2019.

The production poster shows Sonic relaxing with his feet up in the back of a car while Chris Pratt, who hasn’t yet been confirmed to join the movie’s cast, looks equally content in the driver’s seat. Now, the questions over whether the poster is real or not aren’t because this mock-up of Sonic makes him look like a miniature sasquatch.

No, instead it’s the design of his shoes that have led many to question the legitimacy of the poster. As user Redhead On Moped points out, in “the other alleged promo, they appear to have laces, but no laces seem visible here.” At the moment, the post’s poll for whether the poster is the real deal shows 44.5 percent think it’s real.

The post was later updated with a couple of other supposed leaks that list a number of actors shortlisted for the movie’s human lead, “Tom” and the voice for Sonic. A couple of names appear for both parts, with Paul Rudd and Chris Pratt considered for both parts, while Charlie Day, Tom Holland, and Bill Hader were being considered for the voice of Sonic according to the image, despite that role going to Parks and Rec‘s Ben Schwartz.. While the role of “Tom” if it isn’t being played by Chris Pratt, could go to Jason Segel, Justin Timberlake or Adam Pally.

The first look at this new-look Sonic arrived earlier this week to a fairly flat response. In the interim, one of the film’s writers, Patrick Casey, attempted to be the voice of reason, asking that “Everybody relax.” Though, the tweet only served to bring about more negativity. And the responses to this rumored leak haven’t faired any better. Some have compared this design of Sonic to the Care Bears, while others have said it’s something “Straight out of Five Nights at Freddy’s” We’ll have to wait until the movie hits theatres on November 8, 2019, until we can say whether the film is any good or not, though it seems quite a few people have made their minds up already.