The Rage 2 World Opens Up in an “Exciting Way,” Says Director

The Rage 2 world is set to be a bloody playground but it looks like it’ll be one that gives way to a fair few distractions as well. The game’s director spoke about how Rage 2 offers a wholly different experience to its predecessor in both design and gameplay. We got a fresh look at the game during the Game Awards where Rage 2‘s May 14, 2019, release date was confirmed.

Speaking in a recent dev update, director Tim Willits explained how Rage 2 will be keeping players busy. He said that once players “leave the starting area, the entire world is open, and you’ll encounter dynamic events everywhere you go,” going on to list bandit camps and races as just a couple of odd-jobs that are waiting for your attention. Willits goes on to say that these extracurricular activities will also help your relationship with the game’s characters. The structure sounds familiar to the setup of Far Cry 5, which saw players gathering “Resistance Points” by completing missions of destroying cult property.

With a list of activities that include saving random drivers in the wasteland, launching attacks on “Authority” aircrafts, and undertaking bounty hunter missions, it sounds like Rage 2 will be mixing in a variety of ways to keep you busy in the game. Though, Willits has suggested that these tasks all work together to give the game a “high ‘distraction factor’ when playing.”

He goes on to say that players will need to “earn” vehicles like the Icarus – the game’s helicopter – through exploration and offering a helping hand during your travels. Though, the extra effort sounds like it’ll be worth all the bloodshed and explosions, with Willits saying that once you’re able to take to the skies the “whole game opens up to you in a new, exciting way.”

The latest trailer for Rage 2 showed off just how big the game’s map is, giving us a whirlwind tour of a few different spots in the game, each offering up a host of challenges and tasks to help keep you busy in the game’s vibrant wasteland.