Richie's Plank Experience

“Don’t Buy Our Title” Warns Richie’s Plank Experience Developer

Toast, the developers of the terrifying height simulator Richie’s Plank Experience, has taken to Reddit to warn people from buying its game. The game arrived on PSVR last week after a fairly successful run on PC but a lot of players have criticized the game’s price. Toast, though, has confirmed that more of the game’s features will be arriving on PSVR in the coming months.

The message popped up on a Reddit post from Toast, in which the developer explained that they had “designed Richie’s Plank Experience specifically to be used to entertain your friends and family. It’s a go-to experience to bring out when you have visitors or parties,” going on to say that if players were expecting something different than “don’t buy it! It is not a game that can be played for hours by yourself.” It’s a message that’s brought a polarized reaction.

Some players have applauded the supposed candor shown by Toast while other players have said rather cynically that the message is simply “good marketing.”

In its current state, the PSVR version of Richie’s Plank Experience only offers the game’s original “Plank Experience” mode, which has players scan a real-life plank into the game, and then walks along it as they simulate walking out from the top of a skyscraper. Toast has said in its post that the PSVR version was released with only the one mode due to time constraints. And while you might only get to simulate the terrifying feeling of tip-toeing out the window of a skyscraper, Toast has said that the game’s Fire Deck mode, along with a handful of other features from the PC mode, will arrive on the PSVR version in the coming months.

You can pick Richie’s Plank Experience up for $15 but you’ll have to get your own plank… what a rip-off.

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