Life Is Strange 2 Episode 2 Release Date Revealed, Live Action Trailer Teases Launch

Square Enix has released a new trailer detailing the Life is Strange 2 Episode 2 release date.

The trailer shows a live action setting inside a motel. The older brother, Sean Diaz, is seen getting something from a vending machine. Suddenly, his younger brother Daniel (who has supernatural powers) destroys the motel room they’re staying in after hearing that their father had died, which plays into events from the first episode of the game.

Sean grabs him before he could do any more destruction and tries to comfort him as the short trailer ends. A release date of January 24 was then shown; this is the first time a specific release date has been given outside of a “January 2019″ window.

The first episode, called Roads, was released back on September 27. Reviews were decent, with the PS4 version scoring an 82. The game was lauded for handling timely topics under today’s current political atmosphere. In regards to the long wait time between chapters, the developers say it is required in order to achieve the quality of play they want.

“The ambition of Life is Strange 2 means that the previous frameworks no longer apply if we are to meet the quality of play and storytelling that our vision for a game like this demands and that you deserve” Dontnod explained in a blog post.

The first episode was nominated for Best Narrative and Games for Impact at this year’s Game Awards.

The sequel to Life is Strange is set in a whole new setting compared to the original, which told a story of a girl who has the ability to change time at any moment, therefore setting off the “butterfly effect”.

Episode 1 of Life is Strange 2 is now out on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Versions for macOS and Linux will be out next year and will be developed by Feral Interactive.