Resident Evil 2 Remake Retro Soundtrack Swap Includes Sound Effects From the Original Game

While we’ve known that Resident Evil 2 remake is getting a retro soundtrack swap DLC for a while now, Capcom hasn’t revealed exactly how it would work. In a Japanese livestream today, Capcom revealed some gameplay with the swap active, and it looks like the Resident Evil 2 soundtrack swap DLC will also replace some of the sound effects in the game with their original versions as well.

While it seems like the soundtrack swap will affect the whole game, we’re still not sure how many of the retro sound effects will make an appearance. In the small clip below that Capcom presented on stream we got a chance to hear the classic item box opening as well as the menu cancel sound from the original Resident Evil 2.

Going back a little further in the stream from the timestamp below you can see the first part of the RPD with Noir Mode active, which places a black and white filter over the game. I’m not usually one for screen filters, but in Resident Evil 2 remake it seems like it might make for an exciting experience. There’s definitely some Night of the Living Dead vibes here, and since the game places such emphasis on light and dark, it might even add to the difficulty.

You can also see bits of Claire’s gameplay in the Capcom TV stream and a montage introducing the characters. It seems like many classic scenes will be making their way into the game, but we’re likely to see some significant twists. From the info we have on Resident Evil 2 remake so far, it’s more of a retelling, and it goes far beyond the chances we saw in the remake of the original Resident Evil. This goes beyond just the change to a third-person camera angle. The entirety of the game has been expanded upon, items have been moved, and lots of new content has been added.

We’ll all get a chance to return to the world of survival horror when Resident Evil 2 remake releases on January 25, 2018.