Resident Evil 2 Demo Might Be on the Way

A Resident Evil 2 demo has been spotted in a store listing that suggests a demo will be on its way in the near future. According to the listing, the demo will only be playable for 30 minutes and only available for a limited time. At the moment, the listing only appears for the Xbox version of the game; we might see a similar demo arrive for the PS4 but there’s no suggestion of this happening yet.

According to the report from True Achievements, the “1-Shot” demo will arrive on January 11 before being shown the door on January 31. The demo will be based solely in the Racoon City Police Department, something that’s led many to believe that we’ll be getting the demo of the game that was playable during E3 this year. Similarly to that first demo, 1-Shot will be time-locked at 30 minutes meaning that when you’ve played for half an hour, you’re done. Though, you will be able to die and continue the demo until the 30 minutes is up.

The strict time limit means that we’ll most likely be playing through the actual game rather than getting something loosely based on the opening moments of the game, similar to the Resident Evil 7 demo which gave way to a host of curiosities for players to find as the demo was periodically updated.

Another strange little caveat for the listing is that it’s only shown for Xbox players at the moment. Usually, we would say that it’s likely that PS4 players will get a similar demo, though Capcom recently released a Devil May Cry 5 demo as an Xbox exclusive, a move that means we can’t say the 1-Shot demo will arrive on the PS4 with any certainty.

The hypetrain has been going full speed for the Resi 2 Remake in recent weeks, and apparently, Capcom is already getting to work on a Resident Evil 3 Remake.