SCUM Update Includes Willy Warmers, Festive Phallic Outfits for Players

Among other new features coming to the early access survival game SCUM, players can now dress their characters with festive phallic outfits. The SCUM Willy Warmers are new cosmetic items included with the Winter Wonderland update, along with snow-covered terrain, new emotes, and snowball fights.

Gamepires, the developers of SCUM, detailed all the new features in the patch notes. This includes the new fortifications system, with upgradeable defenses for windows and new lockpicking abilities. Moreover, the Winter Wonderland update allows players to make and throw snowballs, use a new emote, build snowmen, gather gifts, and even craft sledges.

Players can also find the SCUM Willy Warmers around the island, with three outfits of varying rarities to discover. Players with the Supporter Pack will automatically be given the Elephant Warmer outfit upon logging in, which has the highest rarity of all three outfits.

SCUM Willy Warmers

The patch notes help explain the reasoning behind introducing SCUM Willy Warmers, quoting that it was an “old tradition” in the mountains of Croatia for women to make these outfits, and “keep them warm and safe.” The developers did not mention any practical aspects to donning the SCUM Willy Warmers, however.

An update from November helps demonstrate the significance of players’ nether regions in the game, with the patch notes denoting a “Bug fix where penis would get bigger with each login.”

However, these aren’t the first surprising updates to come from SCUM, with a previous update in September granting players the ability to make masks out of human skin. In the past, the game has also encountered criticism of its cosmetic items, in particular with the neo-Nazi tattoos available to players, which were later removed.

Players can expect the full update to be live now, which transforms the island of SCUM into a snowy winter wonderland, along with a whole host of bug fixes.