Spider-Man PS4 Alternate Ending Revealed, Originally ‘Much Bigger’

The Spider-Man PS4 alternate ending was discussed by the game’s creative director in a recent interview and it sounds like the final third of the game was originally a lot longer than the finished version. The interview covers the development of Marvel’s Spider-Man, touching on how the game changed and how the team at Insomniac took on the task of doing justice to the iconic superhero. The game recently saw the release of its latest DLC and the arrival of the Spidey-suit from the Tobey Maguire films.

Speaking with Gamespot about the development process of Marvel’s Spider-Man, creative director Bryan Intihar revealed that the original final third of the game was “much bigger.” In the interview, Intihar explained that “everything from the Raft mission into our third act, that was actually a much bigger act but we were just realizing that things weren’t clicking.” Intihar points specifically to the dual boss fight with The Vulture and Electro, explaining that players would originally tackle the two villains separately. The idea for the two villains to be fought at the same time came from an unnamed employee who, “just did a really quick version of putting those two characters together and it instantly felt better.”

It’s a change that surely wouldn’t have added too much extra time to the game but demonstrates just how much thought goes into the development of games these days. Strangely, the Vulture and Electro fight isn’t the only dual boss fight in the game; players also have to fight Rhino and Scorpion at the same time, a setup that Intihar said was always the plan for the two villains.

Marvel’s Spider-Man has been one of the standout games this year. It managed to become the fastest selling superhero game in the US, helped break records for Sony’s profit this year, and even has its own comic in the works. And if you’re still not convinced, just remember that our own Bradley Russell had it down as his game of the year, praising Spider-Man for its brilliant pacing. Looks like the decision to change up the Vulture and Electro boss fight was a good shout.