GOG free game Soma

GOG Free Game Includes SOMA, Kicks Off New Sale

Fans of horror rejoice, because you can pick up the sci-fi horror SOMA as a GOG free game. We don’t mean kind of free or as good as free, we literally mean zero dollars, zero pounds. The GOG free games come as the digital store kicks off its latest sale that has some games going for 90 percent off its original price.

But there’s nothing quite as good as getting something for free and it’s exactly what the deal is for SOMA on PC. Anyone with a GOG account can pick the game up for free until December 30 and jump into the game’s eerie futuristic journey. To get the game all you have to do is go to the GOG homepage where you’ll see SOMA being advertised and press “Get it Free” and you’re sorted.

SOMA offers a similar run and hide style of game that players of Outlast and its ilk are all too familiar with. And while the game hits a lot of the right creepy notes at times, it also tells a pretty interesting story that throws up a whole lot of questions about what it means to be alive and other existential head-scratchers.

But if the whole running for your life deal isn’t quite up your street, the game also offers a “Safe Mode.” The great thing about the Safe Mode is that, well, you’re safe; protecting you for the various ghouls that hand around parts of the game and letting players just get on with the story. It’s a nice feature but it does mean that situations which would usually be tense affairs are diluted into awkward moments when you’re just walking around a monster, muttering “excuse me.”

And while SOMA is the only game you can pick up for free, the GOG sale has a fair few decent games going for next to nothing. Divinity Original Sin 2‘s Definitive Edition is going for just under $25, while space-walking sim Tacoma is currently 75 percent off at just under $4. There are also discounts for Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, Outlast 2, and Thimbleweed Park among a host of other must-play games.

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