Celeste Collector’s Edition Announced by Limited Run Games

Indie darling Celeste is getting a collector’s edition thanks to Limited Run Games. The Celeste collector’s edition will be available for both the Nintendo Switch and PS4 in small numbers. Matt Makes Games released Celeste digitally near the beginning of 2018.

The Celeste collector’s edition includes the game on the platform of your choice, a steelbook case, a strawberry plush, cassette soundtrack, and several other goodies. Limited Run Games plans to release the first batch of pre-orders at 10 a.m. ET on January 1, 2019, with a second smaller batch coming at 6 p.m. ET that same day. The Switch version comes in at $79.99, while the PS4 version is $74.99. You can chalk the difference up to higher cartridge costs.

Limited Run Games will also have physical, standard editions of Celeste starting January 1. The standard edition will run you $29.99 on PS4, and $34.99 on Switch. Both the standard and collector’s edition of Celeste go up for pre-order at the same time.

For those without a cassette player, or who want something that doesn’t have generally garbage audio quality, the collector’s edition will also include a download code of Celeste‘s soundtrack. The soundtrack, composed by Lena Raine, has received a lot of praise since Celeste released. Limited Run Games will also have a very limited vinyl version of the soundtrack available soon.

The Celeste physical release was announced at the Kinda Funny Games Showcase earlier this month, alongside a number of other games getting physical released. Limited Run Games has Windjammers currently available, and recently pre-orders for John Romero’s Sigil, a Doom megawad, sold out.

A new batch of DLC levels for Celeste are also expected sometime in early 2019. Matt Thorson, of Matt Makes Games, said that “they’re very hard” along with teasing more announcements from the developer in 2019. Here’s the link to the 2,500 copy Switch version, and the 2,000 copy PS4 version. The collector’s edition also includes a recipe for strawberry pie.