Report: Call of Duty 2019 Isn’t CoD Ghosts 2

Well, the new Call of Duty game rumor was a short-lived one because new reports now suggest that Call of Duty 2019 won’t be Ghosts 2. Since yesterday’s story, sources from Infinity Ward have confirmed we won’t see Ghosts 2 in 2019. It’s something that’s shifted the conversation of what we’ll see from Infinity Ward this year back to the Modern Warfare 4 rumors that surfaced last year.

The rumors of Ghosts 2 came about thanks to the tweets from Infinity Ward’s community manager, Ashton Williams’ personal Twitter account. Williams has been posting pictures of ghosts in recent weeks, always without any comment, leading to suggestions that Infinity Ward would be returning to Ghosts, which hasn’t been revisited since its release in 2013.

But it seems that isn’t the case after Kotaku’s Jason Shreier confirmed that sources from the CoD developer said “it ain’t Ghosts 2.” Now, that doesn’t mean that Williams is just a big fan of ghosts and enjoys sharing pictures of them, because the confirmation of Ghosts 2 not happening has only served to get fans excited about a possible Modern Warfare 4 being the title we see this year.

There’s method behind what appears to be fans blindly clutching at possible titles though. In light of the Ghosts 2 news, fans have reinterpreted Williams’ tweets, linking them back to Modern Warfare series character Simon “Ghost” Riley. The return to Modern Warfare also lines up with rumors that kept popping up in 2018, which suggested that this year’s project would be Modern Warfare 4. The early rumors speculated that the game would see a return to the campaign mode in the franchise which was left out for Black Ops 4, and may even include a battle royale mode, though it seems like it’ll be tough to follow up on the success of Blackout’s map.

If precedence is anything to go by, we’ll most likely see an official announcement of this year’s Call of Duty title in May, though with all the recent rumors surfacing, it’s fair to say that we’d all appreciate Infinity Ward jumping the gun a bit and just telling us what’s going on. My little heart can’t take any more speculation.