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Titanfall 3 Release Date Could Be 2019, Says Analyst

If reports are to be believed then we might see a lot of activity from Respawn this year. An analyst has suggested that the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Titanfall 3 release date will be in 2019. Leaks from sources last year suggested that we’d see the new Star Wars game but we’re yet to have an announcement of Titanfall 3 other than a series of job listings for the title on the Respawn website.

The predictions come from a report published by Gamesindustry.biz, who asked analysts in the industry to put forward their predictions for 2019. It’s Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities who reckons we’ll see a busy year for Respawn. Pachter said that he expects “Titanfall to launch by September.” It’s great news for fans of the series though Pachter’s prediction may be blunted a little when you consider that only a month ago, Respawn was casting a pretty wide net for roles in developing the game so while a 2019 release would be what a lot of fans want to hear, it could also be fanciful thinking.

Though Pachter’s claim that we’ll see Respawn’s Star Wars game, Jedi Fallen Order, release this year, lines up with leaks that surfaced late last year. A supposed Disney employee claimed that they were present at a marketing meeting that covered the 2019 lineup for the Star Wars franchise, with Jedi Fallen Order supposedly aiming for a November release. This would most likely coincide with the release of Episode 9, so Pachter’s claim seems far more realistic for Respawn’s Star Wars title.

Pachter made a few other eyebrow-raising claims for 2019, suggesting that we’ll see announcements for a new BioShock title, a new Rockstar game being announced, and even predicting that Elder Scrolls VI would be released this year. Not everything he claimed seemed that ludicrous though, the suggestion that Black Ops 4’s Blackout and Overwatch could go free-to-play this year, a move that would likely see Blackout leapfrog Fortnite in terms of popularity, while a move to a free-to-play model for Overwatch would likely see it capitalize further on its lootbox system.

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