Stardew Valley Battle Royale mod is a 16-bit Fortnite

There’s something genuinely upsetting about a Stardew Valley Battle Royale but it’s now a thing after a modder created the 100-player game mode for the farming sim. The mod comes after the multiplayer for Stardew Valley came into full effect on PC back in 2018, something that meant players could tend to their farms or go dungeon crawling together. As you might expect, the battle royale mod offers a lot of what we’ve seen from its contemporaries, albeit in that loveable 16-bit design.

The mod sees players fighting it out in the usual town, with an ever-shrinking play area forcing players to close in on one another. See? Nothing too out of the ordinary with the setup, though you can jump on a horse and ride away if you find yourself in a tight spot. Don’t expect to be picking other players off with Assault Rifles or Shotguns either, the mod uses in-game weapons for the game; players will have to root around for swords, slingshots, and bombs to help them survive.

While you can’t expect the same kind of arsenal that the likes of Fortnite or PUBG offer, the Stardew Valley Battle Royale does incorporate the building mechanics from the former. Players can chop down trees, fences, and more to craft miniature strongholds for yourself.

Being a mod, those of you who host the matches are able to not only set the limit of players in a match, with mod’s author suggesting 100 players though it’s unlikely that you’d see that many people in a game at once. And there’s also the question raised by PC Gamer as to how well the mod would run with that many people in a game at once, seeing that Stardew Valley is built as a four-player experience at most.

Still, if you haven’t had enough of the battle royale mode or if you just want to shake things up in Stardew Valley, you can find the mod installation here.