Next Elder Scrolls Online expansion set in Elsweyr according to datamine

A datamine suggests that a new The Elder Scrolls Online expansion will be set in Elsweyr. Elsweyr is the homeland of the Khajiit, a race of cat-like people that have been playable in every game in the series. The Elsweyr chapter is also said to revolve around a war against the dragons.

A (Russian) post on brings the datamine news to the wider internet. The Elsweyr expansion, referred to in some places as “chapter 3,” will focus on the Khajiit homeland in the southern region of Tamriel, and their war with the dragons. According to the post, the war will last for a full real-world year with developments occurring regularly. The war is also said to affect the rest of Tamriel, with dragons terrorizing the continent.

An official post from the ZeniMax Online Studios team seems to have confirmed the news. The post begins with “the cat’s out of the bag!” and includes an image with the tagline “the season of the dragon approaches.” A January 15 stream will unveil the “next exciting adventure” at 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

The new Elder Scrolls Online expansion will also introduce the necromancer class to the game. This makes sense, as Khajiit are rather chill about necromancy, and follows a pattern set by other expansion to the game. Elsweyr is largely arid desert country with some mountain ranges and forests to the south. Moon Sugar, which is used to create the drug Skooma, is cultivated in large quantities in Elsweyr.

The Elsweyr expansion follows closely in the tradition set by the Morrowind and Summerset expansions. Morrowind was announced in January 2017, and released in June of that year. Summerset was announced in March 2018, and released in May 2018. It was suggested that the Elsweyr expansion will release in June of this year.

The Elder Scrolls Online was initially released on Windows and Mac in April 2014 and was supported with monthly subscriptions. The game was moved to a single purchase model in March 2015, with a variety of microtransactions supporting the game. It came to consoles in June of that same year. As of June 2017, the game pulls around 2.5 million monthly users out of its 10 million or so total players.