Battlefield 5 game testing

Battlefield 5 game testing ‘Requesting Backup!’ adverts spotted

Posters advertising Battlefield 5 game testing sessions have been spotted in parts of Europe. The recruitment posters do seem to be limited to Romania at the moment. They invite players to join the company either for night shifts or day shifts. It comes after Battlefield 5 developer DICE laid out what it’s prioritizing for updates in the World War II shooter.

The poster was shared on Reddit, claiming that EA is recruiting solely for player testing for the divisive Battlefield 5. Though, after scanning a QR code, which takes you to an EA Facebook page, it seems that the recruitment is geared towards a more generalized number of vacancies. The page describes the role as one where players will “use a whole array of dedicated EA tools and platforms that will both make your work easier and testing will be an insightful, technical and fun experience,” an experience that EA says spans across a host of titles in the company’s catalog.

Though, the scope of the job hasn’t stopped people from poking a bit of fun at DICE and Battlefield 5 once again. One user said that they “thought that everyone who bought the game were already testing it for them,” cue the bu dum tiss. While others were more focused on why the roles were limited to EA’s Romania office. The main concern in this respect is that EA is using a country with a fairly consistent turnout of skilled IT workers while capitalizing on the country’s relatively low labor costs. At the moment, the posters have only been spotted around Bucharest, which plays host to EA’s Romania office.

Whether these new roles are going to be working predominantly on Battlefield 5 or not remains to be seen, but DICE has already laid out what’s in the works for the shooter in January and the coming months. One of Battlefield 5‘s core gameplay designers, Florian Le Bihan, recently said that a host of animations and actions were being put under the microscope in the game, as the team looks to smooth out the minor issues that can be found in the game.

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