Spider-Man PS4 Fantastic Four content teased

Although the Spider-Man PS4 game wrapped up its episodic DLC last month, it may still be getting some more content. According to a recent tweet from Marvel Games celebrating Fantastic Four Week, Insomniac’s critically acclaimed title is getting something “fantastic” sometime in the future. No other details were given.

While possible, it’s unlikely to be some more story-related content like The City That Never Sleeps, a trilogy of three post-game episodes. The tease is probably saying that Fantastic Four-related suits are on the way, given the context of the tweet.

The Future Foundation suit could be one possible avenue. The Human Torch gave the black and white costume to Peter Parker through his last will and testament. The unstable molecules powering the suit allow Parker to change clothes by merely thinking it.

Another more goofy alternative would be the Amazing Bag-Man. This bag-headed suit was one Peter Parker wore after Mister Fantastic extracted the symbiote from him. Parker couldn’t just swing around with his face showing, which explains the bag “mask” and Fantastic Four-esque suit.

Both costumes have appeared in other video games before, making each a plausible entry in Spider-Man‘s ever-expanding array of suits. Aside from the nine additional skins bundled with the DLC episodes, Insomniac also patched in the Sam Raimi film trilogy suit for free just before the final installment released. Although, despite coming to the game for no extra cost, it was still mired in controversy.

Insomniac also did not reveal any information about the “fantastic” announcement other than tweeting a pair of emoji googly eyes in response to Marvel Games’ original tweet. It was dubious that Insomniac would add more to the game after its trilogy of post-release episodes, but this at least shows that the team is still planning on supporting the title for a little while longer.

Marvel also celebrated Fantastic Four Week by unveiling Fantastic Four content for Marvel: Strike Force, its mobile action RPG. Each of the four members of the Fantastic Four, along with Doctor Doom, will be playable in the game’s first big patch of the year.