World of Warcraft Stan Lee tribute gives an industry legend a job in a castle

World of Warcraft Stan Lee tribute has popped up on the game’s Public Test Realm. This easter egg was spotted by a keen-eyed gamer who found a suspiciously-similar soldier by the name of “Stanley” milling about in Stormwind Keep. The guard in question bears a striking resemblance to Stan Lee with his glasses, hairstyle, and thin build.

In the incredibly unlikely chance that you haven’t heard of Stan Lee, he was a veritable industry legend. Mr. Lee was well-known as one of the heavy hitters at Marvel with the creation of dozens of different characters both big and small attributed to his name. He often collaborated with Jack Kirby on some of the most classic works in the history of the medium. Mr. Lee has a proclivity for popping up as a cameo in various Marvel movies for the last several years right up until he passed away in early November 2018.

Finding the World of Warcraft Stan Lee tribute isn’t terribly difficult at the moment. Simply pop over to Stormwind Keep and look around the throne room. Mr. Lee’s avatar roams the hallways and occasionally talks to himself as he makes his patrol. Horde characters might feel a bit left out, but a search of the game files reveals that there are several other models for potential future World of Warcraft Stan Lee tributes. One of the models features the character in casual clothing and another has him equipped in Horde gear. If Stan Lee stays in Stormwind on the live version, we may very well be getting a counterpart somewhere on the Horde’s side as well.

The World of Warcraft Stan Lee tribute is part of the 8.5.1 update which is currently being tested on the game’s Public Test Realm. This particular update is also adding in a couple of new allied races and brand new Naga world quests. You can see this lovely little tribute in action in this video from Wowhead.

[via PC Gamer/Header image credit: Wowhead]