Xbox players ‘better’ than PS4 and PC, reports LG

New research from LG has proven that Xbox players are ‘better’ than gamers on the PS4 and PC, following results from a reaction test of nearly 1,500 players. Dividing player groups based on which platforms they used, LG found that PC players had the worst reactions overall, with Xbox better in accuracy, reaction speeds and targets hit throughout the testing.

LG’s Elite Reaction Test, created in partnership with Activision, demonstrated that PC gamers had the lowest average reaction score of only 62.2 in their tests. In comparison, PS4 players had an average score of 71.9, while Xbox players came out on top with an average reaction score of 79.7. This reaction score suggests that Xbox players have the best reactions, or “twitchiness”, overall.

These results were based on tests in which users “were required to click on targets that faded from green to red as quickly as possible to help increase their score”. The reaction score was then calculated based on each player’s accuracy, targets hit, targets missed, and how quickly the target was hit. Based on this scenario, LG’s findings are somewhat limited to the shooter genre of games, but nonetheless find the players on Xbox better in these gaming environments.

PC gamers also had the lowest accuracy of all groups, with an average reaction accuracy of 67.1% compared to Xbox players with an average of 77.1%. However, the results found that PC gamers were the “quickest to react”, with 18% of the targets hit being green – indicating an early response to the test trigger. The test was created for the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, with test subjects consisting of 326 PC gamers, 478 PlayStation players, and 647 Xbox players.

While this research contributes to the argument around which players are the best, the question remains over which platform is the best for gamers, looking back on all the exclusive games and advances in tech from 2018. Moreover, looking forward to 2020, will the new Xbox ‘Scarlett’ consoles continue to create the best gamers, or will PlayStation players make up the distance on the new PS5?