New Sea of Thieves update will free up some of your HDD space

Rare has announced an update for Sea of Thieves that is set for release next month and will dramatically reduce the installation file size of the game. The update is expected to make it easier (and faster) for players to apply updates and patches in the future. Ironically, the Sea of Thieves update file size that will reduce the overall space that it takes up on your hard drive will be quite a hefty one but it’s a small price to pay for that valuable space that will be freed up.

In an announcement made via the official Sea of Thieves website, the changes will be implemented in an update that is set to go live on February 6. You can take a look at the changes to the installation sizes on various platforms below:

    • Xbox One – from an install size of 35GB to 10GB
    • Xbox One X – from an install size of 47GB to 25GB
    • Windows 10 PC – from an install size of 47GB to 27GB

While the size of update files may increase in the future, this change will stop the overall size of the game increasing significantly with each update and should lead to smoother and faster installation times.

With most games requiring an installation, regardless of whether or not you’ve purchased a physical copy, hard drive space has become a premium, especially with console players that tend to have less storage space to play around with. Many players are forced to choose between games they want to have installed on their console at any one time.

If you’re lucky enough to have a speedy internet connection, this may be a non-issue but it still adds a certain amount of time and inconvenience if you just want to sit down for a quick blast on your favorite game. Other games like Warframe and Overwatch have had similar patches in the past.