Warframe Update Halves Install Size on PS4

A new Warframe update on PS4 has dramatically reduced the game’s install size. Developer Digital Extremes released the Mask of the Revenant update for PS4 today. The update brings Warframe‘s total hard drive footprint from 48GB to 24GB.

Digital Extremes has also labeled the update as a “remaster update” that sees the developer cleaning up and optimizing old assets. One caveat to the update is that it will, essentially, re-download the full game. Albeit the full game is now only 24GB. According to Digital Extremes, users won’t experience any difference between this update and any other.

The Mask of the Revenant update also adds a new “Warframe” to the title. Warframes are essentially different sets of abilities and attributes linked to a unique character model. The Revenant Warframe is the 36th in the game, and uses abilities to turn enemies against each other, redirect damage, and more. The update also brought new weapons, armor, skins, and a bundle of bug fixes.

Digital Extremes also added a new 2D fighting-game inspired minigame: Frame Fighter. The Frame Fighter minigame has been teased and shown off in the past, and made its way to the PC version in August. Players can find the minigame in the Ludoplex, Warframe‘s home for minigames.

The free-to-play third-person shooter recently celebrated its five-year anniversary. Launched in 2013 to a positive, if muted, reception the game has seen huge updates since release. Updates brought parkour and flight mechanics, story content, and open zones similar to those found in Destiny.

The Plains of Eidolon expansion released in October 2017 added the aforementioned zones, called Landscapes in-game, along with fishing and mining. Digital Extremes is preparing to launch two new expansions in the near future. Fortuna, the first expansion, is set to release sometime this fall. The second, Railjack, is also expected by the end of this year. Warframe will also be coming to the Nintendo Switch in the future.