The Hong Kong Massacre trailer is what would happen if John Wick and Hotline Miami had a baby

A man with one gun is still just a man but a man with two guns? He’s a god. That’s the messaging for The Hong Kong Massacre trailer. It’s a heart-pumping affair that shows off everything the game is about, that being action and good music, before confirming what The Hong Kong Massacre release date is. We’ve seen very little of the game since it was announced at Paris Games Week in 2017, making its release date a bit of a pleasant surprise.

Vreski has finally released a new trailer for its soon-to-be-released shooter, The Hong Kong Massacre. The new trailer shows off a heavy dose of slick action, perfect music, and a sequence that gives an extra kick to both. Showing off gameplay that has the player shooting their way through a top-down view of a grimy looking Hong Kong as bodies drop while the bass kicks in. Perhaps the best thing about the trailer is the release date, with the game finally arriving next week on January 22.

There’s a distinct Hotline Miami vibe to the gameplay thanks to the perspective, with bullets flying every which way until there’s no-one left to shoot. Similarly, the bullet time mechanic of the game will undoubtedly have many of you drawing comparisons with Max Payne. From what we see in the gameplay, it looks as if the ability to slow down time is finite, with a meter running down. There’s no indication as to how that meter is refilled in the trailer, though we’re guessing it’ll be linked to getting kill combos rather than picking up an inexplicable item that distorts the space-time continuum.

This may very well be the first time you’re hearing about The Hong Kong Massacre. It got a short announcement during 2017’s Paris Games Week but everything went a bit quiet after that. Then, much like a man kicking a door down and shooting everyone, the new trailer came out of nowhere. But it’s here now, and developer Vreski setting a January 22 release date for the game, which will be available on PS4 and Steam.