Anthem mini-series

The Anthem mini-series gives us a better look at its story

Despite all lack of willing from BioWare to speak about the story in Anthem, it seems the game does have one. And we finally know a little bit more about it thanks to a new Anthem mini-series of trailers that will look at the game’s story, progression, and customization ahead of Anthem‘s release in February.

We’re only given a snapshot of the game’s world in the first part of a three-part series of trailers. But stowed away in the one-minute trailer is enough to hopefully reassure fans that Anthem looks set to be at least a close relative to the games the heavyweight developer is known for. As you might expect from the previous footage we’ve seen of the game, Anthem‘s world is in a bit of a mess: In the absence of the Shaper gods, people are left to seek refuge in fortified cities, only able to withstand the elements in the game’s exosuits, better known as Javelins.

Missing deities isn’t the only concern players will have in Anthem though. The absence of the Shapers has also bought about a power vacuum, with two factions fighting for supremacy of the “Anthem of Creation,” an object that’s somehow causing the world to fall apart. We’re not given any names for these two factions, though it seems it’ll be up to the players to side with one or the other and attempt to save the world. The trailer suggests that these two factions sit on the morally good and bad ends of the field, with one character explaining that the Anthem for Creation is held by whoever has all the power, a tone that comes across more as a warning. The other faction leader has a distinct evil vibe about him as he asks you to “imagine all the good we could do, the power of pure creation at our fingertips,” see? Creepy.

The setup of the trailer lends itself to a similar kind of moral tussle we’ve seen in previous BioWare games and is sure to have eased some concerns over the density of Anthem‘s story. Those concerns were bought about after BioWare confirmed that players would be able to skip ahead in the game’s story if they wanted to play with friends, while the MMO stylings of Anthem led some to believe that BioWare wouldn’t have the same emphasis on story as previous titles. Whether or not that turns out to be true is something we’ll have to wait and see on, though the new trailer seems to have verified that the game’s story does follow the same basic structure that BioWare is known for.

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