Which is the cutest Pokemon starter? Fans in Japan took a vote

It’s a question that becomes more difficult with every new generation of Pokemon that’s introduced, which starter is the cutest? Well, we have a better idea of what the answer is now after fans in Japan took a vote of which monster is the cutest Pokemon. Thankfully, it’s not Pikachu:  that little mouse has been getting all the glory for far too long.

Coming in at number 10 is one of three Alola starters, with the fiery cat, Litten, beating Oshawott to the top-ten by only five votes. Litten made its debut in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon before being available as a starter companion in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Fennekin, the Vulpix rip-off, took ninth place after receiving 93 votes, while Sun and Moon starter, Rowlet comes in at number eight having picked up 104 votes. Pokemon Silver and Pokemon Gold‘s fire-based starter Cyndaquil placed in at number seven with 149 votes despite it looking like a weird mole rat. Good for you Cyndaquil. Sixth place was filled by Torchic, which is basically just a chick, apart from all the fire-based attacks. Torchic first arrived in Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire, around the time when ideas for Pokemon were getting a little thin apparently.

The top five cutest Pokemon saw a lot of the generation one Pokemon get a shout out. Bulbasaur took fifth place, followed by generation two’s grass-based started, Chicorita; showing us that everyone actually quite likes having the grass-type Pokemon. Third place was taken by Squirtle the turtle, whose evolved form Blastoise took mantle as cover Pokemon for classic Gameboy title Pokemon Blue. Second place was filled by Pokemon Red‘s Charmander, who should’ve taken first place, but was beaten by… *checks notes* Piplup?

Yes, that’s right. People voted Piplup the cutest Pokemon even though it’s just a blue bird. Do you agree with these results? Is a blue bird really cuter than a tiny dinosaur!? Let us know which Pokemon starter you think is the cutest in the comments below.

(Via Kotaku)