Metro Exodus launch ready to take on Far Cry and Crackdown, publisher says

The upcoming Metro Exodus launch will see it facing off against some pretty hefty competition. While a dozen or so new games are releasing every day, larger publishers are typically only concerned with their big-name competition. In the case of Metro Exodus, it’s finding itself facing off against Far Cry New Dawn (releasing on February 15) and Crackdown 3 (also releasing on February 15). If you haven’t been keeping track, Metro Exodus is set to launch on — yep, you guessed it — February 15. Lest we forget, the upcoming fighting game Jump Force will also be dropping on that fated day. That can potentially make for some tough competition, but Deep Silver thinks that its upcoming post-apocalyptic first-person shooter has a fighting chance.

“[W]e feel really happy that not only do we have a significant audience and a fanbase who are looking forward to this, but also things like the Microsoft reveal for us and the weight of campaign that Deep Silver is throwing behind it,” Deep Silver’s head of global brand management Huw Beynon said to “The previous games didn’t enjoy that, so I’m confident about our release window.”

While Crackdown 3Far Cry New Dawn, and Jump Force will be vying for the attention of gamers, Mr. Beynon isn’t all that concerned about the other games releasing on February 15. “You could say maybe that Far Cry is a competitor because it’s also post-apocalyptic, but I think that’s quite a shallow comparison,” he said. “I think people will recognize that Metro‘s going to offer them that rich, believable world with deep storytelling.” Suffice it to say, Deep Silver has high hopes that the Metro Exodus launch will go smoothly.

Calling it a “very different style of game,” Mr. Beynon says that Deep Silver is pulling out all the stops for the Metro Exodus launch. The last two games in the franchise had their own issues: Metro 2033 had a relatively minor budget and Metro: Last Light was launching right around the time that THQ had encountered serious financial difficulties. Things are much more stable now, and the Metro Exodus launch may very well be the success that Deep Silver thinks it can be.