Days Gone Drifter Bike trailer

Days Gone Drifter Bike trailer tells you to look after your bike or pay the price

The new Days Gone Drifter Bike trailer has landed and, as you might’ve guessed, it’s all about looking after your chopper. The trailer explains how your bike can be damaged and the different ways you can go about getting it back on the road. It also emphasizes that, without your bike, life is going to be tough and most likely short.

Life on the broken road looks set to be a bit of a slog but your one and only friend in the game, your bike, is there to lend a helping hand, just as long as you look after it. The trailer explains that zombies and the surviving marauders will all be able to damage your bike and if you let things get too bad, you’ll have to spend a bit of time repairing it. And that time repairing your bike leaves you vulnerable to attacks. Having said that, it seems that being handy with a wrench or having a steady supply of replacements parts look as if they’ll save you a bit of time.

It’s not just about preservation, though. The Drifter Bike trailer also explains the importance of upgrades to your bike. New saddle bags allow you to store more ammunition which is pretty handy for when you need to stop and randomly shoot a zombie you see on the road.

Similarly, upgrading your engine for more power or nitrous will give you an upper hand, whether you’re chasing down a bounty or getting away from a horde. If you spotted the Days Gone pre-order bonuses, you’ll know that a nitrous upgrade is included, so it could be worth a look if you’re definitely going to pick up the game.

Of course, being a bike, traveling is a pretty important feature. The trailer explains that you’ll have to refuel your bike, taking you to gas stations that are usually housing a small group of marauders, so it sounds like conserving your gas and choosing the best time to travel will be a decision that you’ll have to make constantly in the game.

Days Gone comes to the PS4 on April 26, will you be picking it up or have you had enough of zombies?

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