Star Wars Battlefront 2 Count Dooku continues the Clone Wars Season

The latest update has arrived for Star Wars Battlefront 2, and it adds possibly the final playable villain to the game, unless developer DICE is planning more updates beyond February. The Darth Tyranus update adds the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Count Dooku villain to the field as the last villain of the Clone Wars season, and he’s available now. The final hero of the season, Anakin Skywalker, will be added in February, which will be the last month of the Clone Wars, and is one of the only announced updates left to come to the game.

In a community update, the Battlefront 2 team talk about how they approached making Dooku playable, including how they brought his traits of “sophistication and power” to the game. He wields his red lightsaber and has a wider blocking range and less stamina depletion than other Force-wielding heroes or villains, so he can block and deflect more efficiently. He has a “Lightning Stun” ability, which is different from the Emperor’s lightning power as it also throws enemies to the ground. “Exposed Weakness” temporarily cripples an enemy and increases their damage taken, and if Dooku kills them it recharges. “Duelist” is unique in that it adds a new combat stance, making Dooku’s lightsaber attacks slower but more powerful.

Count Dooku launches with his regular Sith Lord uniform as worn by Christopher Lee in Attack of the Clones, but DICE will also be adding two additional costumes later. The “Dark Ritual” outfit is based on one of the last episodes of The Clone Wars cartoon and will be available January 30, and there will be another unannounced outfit coming at a later date. Of course, it won’t be anywhere near as good as the skin a resourceful modder has already cooked up. This is based on the Sith Lord’s appearance in Revenge of the Sith… after he’s killed by Anakin Skywalker, which is why he’s missing his head and hands. Hopefully we’ll get this skin officially when Anakin Skywalker himself lands in Battlefront 2 next month.