Dragon Ball Project Z gameplay trailer showcases The Story of Goku

A Dragon Ball Project Z gameplay trailer has dropped and it looks pretty marvelous. There still isn’t a release date for the game other than a 2019 release window but we got a look at some decent looking cutscenes which show Goku coming up against Piccolo, Frieza, and more.

The trailer opens with a look back out how the Dragon Ball games have evolved over the last couple of years, with a few snapshots of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 MMO and the anime come to life Dragon Ball FighterZ (which, FYI, had its Season 2 announcement trailer today!) We then get our first look at this year’s take on the franchise, with a young Gohan watching his father meditate. The design of the game looks set to follow on from the style of the Xenoverse titles, which isn’t a bad thing but certainly doesn’t have the same charms of the DB FighterZ style.

The trailer goes on to explain that Project Z is a story or determination, despair, and hope, but at the heart of it all is the search for those annoyingly elusive Dragon Balls. From the way the trailer is set up, it seems like Project Z will be a retelling of what happened over the course of Dragon Ball Z, and while this hasn’t been confirmed, the gameplay does show Goku walking through a few familiar spots, suggesting that he’ll be out playable character rather than the make-your-own-hero decisions of the Xenoverse games.

Though, we also see shots of Vegeta fighting Frieza in the trailer and a few other tussles, suggesting we just might get to play as other characters throughout the game as well. And given the name of the trailer, “The Story of Goku,” it wouldn’t be surprising if Bandai Namco releases a handful of other character-based trailers in the lead up to the release of Project Z.