Death Stranding story is about ‘bringing everyone together,’ says Norman Reedus

Hideo Kojima’s upcoming Death Stranding has been something of an enigma, with hardly anything the public has seen making the slightest bit of sense thus far. But Norman Reedus has said that while the Death Stranding story is a cauldron of emotions, it’s ultimately about “bringing everyone together.”

Speaking during an interview with the Metro, Reedus said that while Death Stranding is “scary and depressing,” the story is essentially a positive one, something that’s about “bringing everyone together.” Reedus was seemingly all aboard the hype train during the interview, going so far as to say that “I’ve never seen anything like what we’re doing” with Death Stranding.

It’s not the only time we’ve heard of a reaction like this for Kojima’s game. When the developer stopped by Guerilla Games earlier this year, the team behind Horizon Zero Dawn said that the game is doing “incredible things” after they saw the first two hours of it.

Everything we’ve seen in the trailers so far hasn’t given much away in terms of what the game will be about, with Kojima winding up making fans more confused in the process. Reedus tackles this conundrum in his interview, explaining that it was exactly what Kojima had planned. According to Reedus, the trailers were designed to give way to people looking for Easter Eggs or focusing on the minuscule details. “And they have been doing that,” Reedus noted.

He goes on to say that the trailers only show you “an aspect of it, but not a whole picture,” of what the game will be. It’s a move that only Kojima could pull off, apparently, and it’s one that seems to be doing the trick for getting people excited about the game.

Though just when that will be is anyone’s guess. We’ve had spits and spats of information that are close to being clues, but nothing close to a trustworthy source, unless you take Troy Baker’s 10-year photo challenge as gospel.