Ubisoft warns of The Division 2 beta crash issues, advises reboot “every 2-3 hours”

You won’t want to get too lost in The Division 2 beta this weekend. The private beta already has Ubisoft warning of potential The Division 2 beta crash issues. The select few who get access to the game will want to avoid for too long.

In a post on The Division 2 website, Ubisoft warned crashes would occur during “extended gameplay sessions” if the private beta was not rebooted “every 2-3 hours.” Also, the post warns players not to accept invites from friends before they have loaded into the game. Players who accept invites outside of the game will experience a crash.

The Division 2 still has over a month until release and this test is a private beta. Therefore, some issues are to be expected. Unfortunately, having to drop out of a game you’re enjoying being immersed in will likely sour the experience for some. Ubisoft aims to reassure participants by closing the email stating “we hope (and we will do out best to make sure) you have a great time.”

Interest in the sequel currently seems mixed and the road leading up to release has not been a smooth one. Last week, Ubisoft apologized after making light of the US government shutdown in an email about the launch of the private beta. The original game drew related criticism for the depiction of players hunting down looters who were trying to survive a post-apocalyptic event. Massive Entertainment, developers of the series, insist the games remain apolitical despite these recent goofs.

Despite the beta crash issues, The Division 2 does appear to be an attempt to refresh the original game in order to attract new players. The game will introduce a competitive multiplayer mode called “Conflict Mode” and multiple “dark zones” which cater to different play styles.

For more information about The Division 2 private beta, we’ve put together this handy guide.