District 9 creator is working on something for Anthem

With Anthem set to be released in under two weeks, the hype train has started to gather speed. Further adding to interest, EA and Bioware have made the interesting move to seemingly work with Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Chappie) on something for the upcoming game.

Blomkamp tweeted out the news earlier today, but didn’t elaborate on what it could be:

The tweet reveals nothing about what the filmmaker will be creating for Anthem, however, did previously tweet his interest in the project:

Anthem developer, Bioware, is perhaps most famous for its world-building and storytelling. An aspect which the majority of players are yet to experience, with the story taking a backseat during the recent Anthem demo. Bringing on-board a director of the caliber of Neill Blomkamp to add some personality to its new IP could be of significant benefit.

Blomkamp is most famous for his unique take on an alien invasion movie with District 9 and almost creating a new entry in the Alien franchise. However, the South African does have some history when it comes to working with games industry tools. In 2017, Blomkamp used the Unity engine to create a short film [via Eurogamer]. The director created the short in collaboration with his company Oats Studios. The short film itself was created with the aim of showing off the capabilities of the Unity engine. The short, which you can see below, is titled “Adam: The Mirror”:

Neill Blomkamp seems like a perfect fit to give his take on the sci-fi genre in video games, following his movies like Elysium as well as District 9. The director is no stranger to challenging the form when it comes to filmmaking. In 2018, Blomkamp released his project called “Rakka” for free via three parts on YouTube.

Anthem is slated to be released on 22 February 2019 and details have already emerged regarding what players can expect in the title’s endgame.