Black Ops 4 removing game modes from PC version

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is planning on removing game modes from the PC version. The decision is aimed at addressing the game’s lengthening matchmaking times. The player count for Black Ops 4 has been dropping on PC and, therefore, fewer game modes are needed to be able to suitably populate them all. However, the removal of Free-For-All and demotion of Heist and Search & Destroy to a sub-playlist has angered some.

Treyarch made the announcement that Black Ops 4 would lose game modes via Reddit. The post details the new structure of the remaining game modes. Treyarch states, “This update will re-balance Core Multiplayer, Hardcore Multiplayer, and Public Zombies playlists with PC community preferred maps and modes. These changes, along with continued support of new and fan favorite modes in our Multiplayer Featured Playlist section, will reduce the time it takes to get into your next match.”

In response to the removal of Free-For-All (FFA), one Redditor was concerned about how it will affect completing objectives: “Without FFA it’s impossible to get 100% in Multiplayer. There may be other challenges that can’t be completed now, or with far greater difficulty than previously. Please update the requirements for 100% to remove FFA and address any other affected challenges immediately.”

Further into the Reddit discussion, another Redditor seemed to understand the decision but questioned Treyarch’s communication: “I get why phasing out game modes is necessary for PC, you have to be blind to ignore the lower players … But doing it all at once is too extreme … You have to pray on blind luck that people vote in heist/S&D or it’s the random next mode. It’s hard enough doing challenges like nuked out, even harder now you have to pray you get the right mode.”

Toward the end of last year, Treyarch provided an update which added a new map named “Hijacked” to the Blackout mode. Around this time some players began experiencing issues with their Xbox One X versions of the game. We provided a fix here.