Anthem boosting is ridiculously easy, “Kick for Inactivity” fix needed ASAP

Anthem boosting is currently easy to do. Simply holding the right analog stick to spin the camera will prevent you from being kicked for inactivity. Anthem kicks players for inactivity after 10 minutes, but a simple exploit allows you to get around this and unfairly earn XP and loot, just from being present in the mission.

Discovered by GameRevolution’s Mack Ashworth, who is currently reviewing the game, boosting can be done without touching the controller. Just leave a controller face down on a surface. As long as the right analog stick is pointing away from the center it will work, a method frequently used by game boosters. Anthem boosting could become a real issue for players when it comes to completing challenging missions. Players could be left with one or even multiple players not contributing to a mission, making it much more difficult for those playing properly. An easy hack like this threatens to be a widespread issue come launch if a “Kick for Inactivity” fix isn’t added beforehand.

Anthem has had prelaunch issues already, the VIP beta was criticized for its bugs. However, BioWare lead producer Mike Gamble saw the beta as a positive. Gamble stated the beta enabled them to uncover bugs and prepare fixes. However, this Anthem boosting method seems to have slipped under the radar.

A Quickplay bug gained plenty of attention earlier this week, too. Players discovered jumping into games via Quickplay lead to some low-level users being placed into the game’s final mission. Being placed into this climactic mission meant these players were significantly underleveled. However, this Anthem boosting issues potentially provides an interesting twist on the Quickplay bug. Underleveled players may now be able to gain final mission loot and XP by utilizing boosting if Quickplay sends them to later in the game.

Anthem is slated to launch on February 22 on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. For when you get in the game, we can help unlock the game’s Legendary Contracts.