Xbox VP says he’s ‘amazed at the whining’ in Anthem reviews

Mike Ybarra, the corporate Xbox VP, has voiced his displeasure at complaints in Anthem reviews. Ybarra took to Twitter to respond to an article highlighting BioWare’s recent change to the Challenge of the Legionnaires section of Anthem. The section came in for criticism as it required players to complete objectives before progressing in the story. Ybarra stated the section was “easy to do” and that he is “amazed at the whining.” Nevertheless, the change meant the objectives would be tracked before the section, making them quicker to complete.

Mike Ybarra’s full tweet is as follows:

Along with being “amazed at the whining” in Anthem reviews complaining about the Challenge of the Legionnaires, Ybarra complained about a review wherein the writer stated they didn’t know how to do a combo. Ybarra believes it’s “embarrassing to review with such a lack of knowledge.” Anthem’s tutorial does not currently mention Primers and Detonators, which are required for combos in the game.

The Xbox VP then went on to field a couple of questions from users replying to his critical tweet. One user asked Ybarra for his review of Anthem, to which he responded:

Another more critical response mentioned bugs in the game and that they thought it was rushed to market. Ybarra replied, “it’s not even out until Friday.” This reply echoes the sentiment of BioWare lead producer Mike Gamble. In an interview following Anthem’s VIP beta, Gamble stated “a lot of the bugs we did see, we felt good about because they were either, A) Already fixed, or B) Things that we had not reproduced consistently on our side and now we have a pretty good reproduction case for, and then we can fix it.”

While Anthem developers Bioware appear to be working proactively to solve issues with the game, some bugs still remain outstanding. The GameRevolution review of the game is to come; however, our reviewer discovered that it’s currently very easy to boost in Anthem. We also looked into reasons why players may have cause for concern about BioWare’s upcoming release.

Anthem is slated to be released on February 22 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.