Rocksteady new game reveal may be coming soon

It’s been over three years since Rocksteady Games, creators of the Batman Arkham series, released their most recent game Batman Arkham Knight, and since then fans have been wondering when the studio would announce its next game. Now it’s looking likely that the Rocksteady new game reveal may be coming in the next few months, as the developer has started advertising for new staff on its marketing team to help with a new “global marketing campaign.”

These new job listings can be found on Rocksteady’s own jobs page, which includes new positions available in the studio’s marketing department. The job details for a Lead Brand Artist say that the position requires someone who is “ready for the challenge of producing world-class marketing materials for an exciting AAA game,” which includes trailers, promo art, screenshots, and packaging, which are all things that are only required when a game is building up for a reveal. The details for a Promo Artist (Video), on the other hand, specifically points to a “global marketing campaign for a very high profile, triple-A game franchise.” Neither of these positions would be required unless this marketing campaign, and therefore the game’s reveal, is happening soon.

Rumors have been circulating about what Rocksteady is up to for a long time now. The most popular rumor was that the studio was moving on from Batman to popular DC Comics hero Superman, but as attractive as that prospect was, it was eventually revealed to not be true by Rocksteady’s CEO Sefton Hill. The current belief is that it’s still a DC Comics game, but may employ a games-as-service model, so may end up becoming a superhero version of Destiny or Anthem. However, it probably won’t be another Batman Arkham game, as the next Batman game is supposedly in production at Arkham Origins developer WB Montreal instead.