Fortnite downed bug breaks tournament; player becomes invulnerable

A Fortnite downed bug has caused chaos at the ESL Katowice Royale tournament. During a match, a player was downed but was unable to be killed by enemy players. The player was eventually revived by their teammates.

The ESL Katowice Royale is a Fortnite tournament held in Katowice, Poland and features 200 players competing for $600,000. The event features a mix between a Polish-only tournament and a tournament open to international “players and influencers.”

The Fortnite downed bug incident itself took place in a match featuring a squad called Team Heretics. The downed player was called “Marki” and was unable to be killed once he was down despite being on zero health. Marki was downed when entering Frosty Flights but stays alive when the enemy attempts to dispatch him. His teammate, “Ryux,” was then able to revive him. You can see the full incident below.

The ESL Katowice Royale has come in for criticism during the whole weekend. The bugs reported by players ranged from having no audio in-game to not being able to move their camera.

A popular member of esports team 100 Thieves, Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff, vented his frustration on Twitter about several problems he encountered. Kolcheff was joined by Nate Hill of the FaZe clan in highlighting problems with the tournament.

Professional players from esports teams Solary and Ghost Gaming also voiced criticism for the tournament’s bugs. Fortnite’s official ESL Twitter account has not yet responded to the issues.

Fortnite Season 8 began last week and brought with it a raft of changes. One of the major changes was the introduction of a ping system. The move by Epic Games sees its battle royale game give its own take on the in-game communication system featured in Apex Legends. Unfortunately, large updates usually come with bugs. Fortnite Season 8 is no different. Fortnite players have been experiencing an auto-run bug, which we can help you fix.

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