Your Epic Games Store email doesn’t require verification

Your Epic Games Store email reportedly doesn’t require verification when you sign up for an account. To some, this may be nothing more than one less minor annoyance in the digital world. However, the lack of email verification can have troubling consequences for gamers looking to sign up only to find that their Epic Games Store email address is already in use by another account.

This issue was first highlighted on Reddit’s /r/Games subreddit. Redditor /u/-dov- created a self-post submission after discovering that two fraudulent Epic Games Store accounts had been created with two separate email addresses that he owns. Understandably, /u/-dov- was concerned about a possible data breach on his end. He subsequently rotated out his passwords and happily discovered that all of his money was where it was supposed to be, wholly accounted for.

/u/-dov- was curious about how this could have happened and decided to create a third account with another unused email address. It was then that he discovered that your Epic Games Store email address doesn’t require verification to make use of an account. Essentially, anyone can create an account with your email address and leave a mess for you to clean up. We’ve verified it here at GameRevolution, deciding to test this out for ourselves and had a similar experience—there was no request for an email verification from Epic Games. (Hilariously, this test also screwed up my password manager and required me to reset my password.)

Several users in the thread reported problems with going to sign up for the Epic Games Store only to find that someone else had already created an account using one of their email addresses. Thankfully, other users were able to provide a solution: you’ll have to contact Epic Games Store and explain the situation to them. They should get in touch with you and rectify the issue.

Epic Games is doing their best to create a competitive digital game distribution service. Unfortunately, the lack of Epic Games Store email verification is just one of many features that the service lacks compared to its biggest competitor, Steam.