Halo Master Chief Collection PC release rumored to happen around E3

The Halo Master Chief Collection has been rumored for the PC for years. Ever since the collection of Halo titles launched in 2014, fans have been clamoring for it to come to other systems aside from the Xbox One. That might be coming true according to a new rumor that suggests a Halo Master Chief Collection PC release is going to happen around E3.

Brad Sams of Petri and Thurrott, while speaking about the disc-less Xbox One in a new YouTube video, suggested that the Halo MCC PC release is coming soon.

“Not sure if it’ll be an E3 release, but it could be announced at E3,” he said. “It’s an open secret they’re working on the MCC for PC. I’m hearing that it’s getting close to release. Whether or not they do release it or do announce it is gonna be a little bit… umm… yeah.”

A June 2019 release of Halo Master Chief Collection on PC would put the game’s PC release over four years beyond its Xbox One launch. 343 Industries has continued to support the game since launch, doubling down and fixing major problems with matchmaking and the game’s engine. A PC release alongside a full-scale reveal of Halo Infinite at E3 2019 could be Microsoft’s attempt to drum up interest in the series from lapsed fans and newcomers alike.

Rumors around a Halo Master Chief Collection PC have swirled for years, and with the collection’s Xbox Game Pass release last August fans hoped it would come to PC. Other rumors concerning a Halo 5 PC release have been shot down by Microsoft in the past.

The Halo Master Chief Collection released in November 2014 as a remastering of the first four mainline Halo games on the Xbox One. 343’s promise of a single unified Halo game fell apart as multiplayer woes made the game frustrating to play, and getting into matches could take an excruciatingly long time. Over four years later, 343 has fixed most of the game’s major problems and a PC release could help bolster the series’ image in the eyes of lapsed fans.