Total War Three Kingdoms developer unveils Dong Zhuo gameplay trailer

Total War Three Kingdoms developer Creative Assembly has unveiled a gameplay trailer for the game’s big bad Dong Zhuo. The tyrannical warlord is the chief antagonist of the upcoming real-time strategy title, and the footage shows off how effective he can be, both in combat and away from the frontline.

Posted on the official Total War Youtube channel on Thursday, the video gives a much better idea of just how unique and evil Dong Zhuo really is. Executing government officials, taking lands that don’t belong to him, and causing mayhem wherever he goes are just a few of the traits that belong to Dong Zhuo in Total War Three Kingdoms.

The trailer goes on to describe how Dong Zhuo’s unique currency—intimidation—can help to sway battles in your favor and bring people in line. Players can gain more intimidation points if they play more ruthlessly throughout their campaign as Dong Zhuo, and they can be gained by killing your foes, pillaging lands, and much more. Should you choose not to play as cruelly, however, you won’t earn as many points to expend during combat.

These intimidation points can be used to coerce other warlords into siding with you and will set you back 30 points to use. The footage shows off another unique trait of Dong Zhuo’s—razing cities—that help to ensure settlements won’t rise up and try to overthrow you. This costs 20 intimidation points, and ensures that everyone in a certain city submits to your rule.

Finally, Dong Zhuo’s Prime Minister of the Han State ability lets you annex any area under the Han Dynasty’s rule, and occupy their settlements without incurring any penalty for 10 intimidation points. Dong Zhuo’s campaign can be unlocked by defeating his army in any battle, or by reaching the rank of Emperor during your campaign. Total War Three Kingdoms is released on PC, Mac, and Linux on May 23, 2019.