Doom Annihilation trailer takes us to Hell (or at least Phoebos)

The first Doom Annihilation trailer is out, and it looks… interesting. It’s not the blockbuster-level Doom film we wanted to see come out of Hollywood, but it seems like it may be a little less cheesy than the 2005 Doom adaptation. At this point, though, it’s hard to tell if that’s a good or a bad thing.

Details on Doom Annihilation‘s plot are pretty sparse, but the trailer shows a team of United Aerospace Corporation space marines investigating a disturbance at what appears to be the Phoebos base that serves as the first area of the original Doom game. There will be a portal to Hell opened at some point, and demons will cause havoc. This, of course, can’t be tolerated by the god-fearing marines, and a devastating battle between the two forces will emerge. At some point the Doomslayer will be revealed and we’ll likely learn that one of the base’s staff has nefarious intentions.

The big question here is who’s going to be the Doomslayer. While we haven’t gotten a look at Doom Annihilation‘s take on the iconic character yet, I’d bet on Joan Dark (played by Amy Mason) as being Doomguy (Doomgirl?). She has top billing, and the trailer seems to focus on her longer than any other character. This would be a first as a woman hasn’t played the Doomslayer in any game, movie, or related media to date.

Doom Annihilation, unfortunately, is a direct-to-video production. You can think the $60 million Doom (2005) for that as it didn’t even break even in the box office. Doom would be a great franchise to get the Michael Bay treatment, but for now, we’ll have to settle for this.

The release date for Doom Annihilation isn’t set yet, and it’s been pushed back once already to allow further work on the visual effects. However, for now, the tentative release date for the movie is Fall 2019.

[Source: Bloody Disgusting]