Halo Master Chief Collection PC hinted at by 343 Industries Community Director

Update: It was announced at today’s Inside Xbox!

343 Industries Community Director Brian Jarrard has hinted that we’ll be getting a Halo Master Chief Collection PC announced later today. The interaction originally took place on the /r/Halo subreddit where user /r/thewombinthesky made a post promising that he would buy pizza if a Halo Master Chief Collection PC version was going to be the special announcement made during Inside Xbox. Mr. Jarrard was the first person to reply to that thread, inquiring about what sort of pizza he would be getting for commenting in the thread.

How long would we have to wait to hear such an announcement? Well, a new Inside Xbox presentation is scheduled to take place today, March 12, 2019, at 5:00 PM Eastern time. The announcement for the new Inside Xbox presentation was made around a week ago, As always, these kinds of presentations will bring some interesting news regarding upcoming projects for the Xbox. One in particular stands out, though — some sort of new announcement for Halo.

The Inside Xbox post in question states that there will be “some exciting news involving Halo The Master Chief Collection.” Pair that with the above Reddit thread and things start to get a little interesting. The intrigue was capped off when Mr. Jarrard made a very simple tweet a few hours ago:

Considering the Reddit thread and the Inside Xbox announcement, this can be interpreted as suggesting that we’ll be seeing a Halo Master Chief Collection PC version being announced.

Of course, the Inside Xbox presentation is not going to be focused solely on HaloDayZOne Piece World Seeker, and Xbox Game Pass will also be topics of discussion during the video presentation. Hopefully, these hints mean that PC players will finally be able to play the classic Halo games at their best very soon. The stream will be taking place today, March 12, 2019, at 5:00 PM Eastern time.

[via @Nibellion on Twitter]