Control Epic Games Store exclusivity confirmed for one year

Control will be an Epic Games Store exclusive for one year, publisher 505 Games announced during GDC 2019. The Control Epic Games Store exclusivity is one of many store exclusives announced since the digital storefront went live in December 2018.

505 Games announced a partnership with Epic Games to release Control exclusively through its digital store on PC. The game will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store for one year and will release in Summer 2019. Expect Control to hit platforms like Steam in summer 2020. Remedy Entertainment announced Control at E3 2018 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

505 Games will also bring Journey to the Savage Planet exclusively to PC through the Epic Games Store. Journey to the Savage Planet is a first-person sci-fi adventure from Typhoon Games. It was announced at The Game Awards in December 2018. The game will also come to PS4 and Xbox One.

Remedy Entertainment’s Control PC release has already been a point of concern for some fans. Remedy’s last game, Quantum Break, had a poor launch on PC where it suffered from numerous bugs and crashes. Since announcing Control, Remedy has said that it plans to launch the PC version of Control in much better shape. Control will also support ray-tracing and other high-end graphics options on PC.

The Epic Games Store crown gets two more exclusive jewels with Control and Journey to the Savage Planet. Quantic Dreams is bringing Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human to PC exclusively on the Epic Games Store. The Outer Worlds from Obsidian Entertainment will also be exclusive to the Epic Games Store for one year. Metro Exodus is currently exclusive to the platform, which caused uproar among the game’s fans. That game still managed to handily outsell previous games in the series on PC. Epic launched its PC storefront in December alongside long-awaited indies Ashen and Below, and a surprise early-access release of Supergiant’s Hades.