Devil May Cry 5 sales reach 2 million units

Devil May Cry 5 has been critically successful and now Capcom has disclosed that the title has had a successful launch too. During a recent GDC panel, director Hideaki Itsuno revealed that Devil May Cry 5 sales had surpassed 2 million units in just under two weeks.

While the talk entitled “Devil May Cry 5: Creating a Standout Action Game” was mainly about some of the philosophies behind the game, Itsuno kicked off the panel with the milestone and thanked its players. No other context was given outside of a brief slide with the most basic information.

Capcom had stated in July 2018 that it had “high expectations” for Devil May Cry 5. This was just after its E3 reveal where it garnered “strong interest.” The publisher also had the same expectations for Resident Evil 2 remake, which has shipped over 4 million copies in around two months. While 2 million seems like a good number, Capcom hasn’t revealed its exact Devil May Cry 5 sales predictions.

According to Capcom’s own website, Devil May Cry 4 sold 3 million units to date. DmC Devil May Cry pushed 2.4 million copies. It is not clear if each game’s special edition is included in those numbers, although Capcom has noted that the DMC4 Special Editionsold well.” The publisher was not so outspoken about DmC‘s Definitive Edition despite eventually being “pleased” after the original’s underwhelming launch.

Despite these strong sales, Capcom stated that it does not have plans to sell its audience any DLC. Aside from the free Bloody Palace update that is coming on April 1, the game won’t see any downloadable expansions. However, modders have already made it possible for players to fight as the last boss in the game. And while it might not be DLC, it is possible that Capcom releases a special edition and makes this officially available through conventional means. The last three Devil May Cry games have done almost exactly that.