Devil May Cry 5 will have no post-launch DLC other than the free Blood Palace

It looks as though the upcoming Devil May Cry 5 will be breaking from industry norms and not selling or pushing any post-launch DLC. Capcom still plans on releasing the previously announced free challenge room DLC pack Bloody Palace for free but beyond that, there are currently no plans for any new content to come to the game after its launch on March 8.

The refreshing news comes from one of the game’s producers Matt Walker, who took to Twitter to answer some fans burning questions about the new entry into the long-running series. A Twitter user asked Walker if Capcom had any post-release content planned for Devil May Cry 5 to which the producer replied with a solid “nope,” reaffirming again that the only planned DLC content was the Bloody Palace.

Devil May Cry 5 no DLC plans

While some fans who enjoy prolonging their gaming experiences will undoubtedly be disappointed to hear this, others will find it a nice change of pace to have a game sold to them with all content included on the disc. Capcom has discussed the amount of content in the game several times now, promising players that they will be able to get up to 15 hours of play out of the title, which is longer than most in the Devil May Cry series. The game also features three different protagonists and will be a continuation of the mainline series narrative after Capcom diverted from it somewhat in the 2013 soft-reboot DmC: Devil May Cry.

The soft reboot also gave away its Bloody Palace DLC for free after its launch too. Bloody Palace has been a popular feature in the series as it lets players fight in small arenas without any cutscenes or traversal elements. It’s essentially just the game’s combat and tests the player’s endurance.

Earlier this week the voice actor behind series protagonist Dante was reportedly shot at six times while working in Guatemala. Reuben Langdon was miraculously unharmed during the assault, taking to Twitter to share photos of the bullets which narrowly missed him.