Devil May Cry 5 final boss playable thanks to modders

Devil May Cry 5 released on March 8, and now just four days later a modder has made the final boss playable. Spoilers follow for the Devil May Cry 5 final boss, who is really cool and very spoilery.  The character might be planned to release in the free Blood Palace DLC.

Modder Nekorun found a way to make the Devil May Cry 5 final boss playable. Dante’s brother Vergil, the final boss of Devil May Cry 5, is playable in the PC version of the game. In a surprising turn of events, adding a playable Vergil is incredibly easy.

“The process of playing as Vergil? You have to find the Player ID value and change it to 4 then reload the stage,” Nekorun told Kotaku. “This can also be used to play as any character in any stage.”

Vergil was also hinted at in data mining done in the PC version over the weekend. Information relating to a playable Vergil were found in the game’s executable file, hinting that an official playable Vergil will be coming at some point. Director Hideaki Itsuno has said that the addition of new playable characters would depend on player demand. It now appears that the addition of Vergil is only a matter of time.

Nekorun plans to release a program to allow PC Devil May Cry 5 players to choose their playable character and adjust a number of other game parameters. The “trainer” program is said to be ready in a few days.

Extra playable characters have been a mainstay in the Devil May Cry series since Devil May Cry 2. Vergil was first playable in Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening – Special Edition, and returned in the DMC4 special edition as a playable character.

Modders have also made Lady playable in DMC5, but by replacing Dante’s game files. It’s unclear whether or not Capcom will officially add Lady or anybody else as playable characters in the game. However, Vergil seems pretty likely.