PlayStation refund policy gets updated, better for US consumers

It’s April Fool’s Day but Sony has kept it serious with an update to the PlayStation refund policy. The policy changes bring the US PlayStation rules in line with Europe. The changes make refunds more accessible while also updating users pre-order options. Sony makes the changes as part of its first move in the new 2019 fiscal year.

The PlayStation refund policy will now include the provision that users can receive a refund on digital content purchases within 14 days of the purchase date. A refund will be issued as long as users have not begun downloading or streaming the purchase. Users can also get a refund after downloading a game if the product is faulty, however. Refunds will be credited to the purchaser’s PSN wallet.

Another significant change is the ability to cancel pre-orders. Pre-orders can be canceled at any time before the release date and these refunds will also be credited to the PSN wallet. If the release date has passed, users can still get a refund if they have not streamed or downloaded the pre-ordered title. A similar 14-day provision has been added to users of PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now, and Spotify Premium. Subscribers to these services will be able to request a refund within the first 14 days since purchase. Users are able to do this even after they have used one of the services.

PlayStation recently held its take on a Nintendo Direct or Inside Xbox event, with the first PlayStation State of Play. The event was VR-centric and was not well-received by some. You can provide your thoughts on the event to GameRevolution right here. An announcement which did seem to excite fans was No Man’s Sky VR. Hello Games recently announced a significant update to the procedurally-generated space exploration game called No Man’s Sky Beyond. No Man’s Sky VR will be part of the Beyond update and allows players to experience the whole game in virtual reality.