Pewdiepie sarcastically ‘congratulates’ T-Series, the new most subscribed YouTube channel

Two of the most popular YouTube channels, Pewdiepie and T-Series, have been battling it out over the past few months to see who can be the most subscribed YouTube channel. Pewdiepie gained the title for the most subscribed YouTube channel back in 2013 and held it until T-Series took a brief lead in 2019. Since then, the two channels have been going back and forth, with the channels’ subscriber counts steadily climbing. The epic battle of Pewdiepie vs. T-Series has taken over the internet, with fans voicing their support for whichever channel has their allegiance. However, on March 31, 2019, Pewdiepie posted a congratulatory video to T-Series, seemingly conceding the war and congratulating them on becoming the most subscribed YouTube channel. You can watch the video below.

Did Pewdiepie really concede and congratulate T-Series on becoming the most subscribed YouTube channel?

most subscribed YouTube channel

The answer is yes and no. Yes, Pewdiepie did post a video titled “Congratulations” on his channel where he offers “congratulations” to T-Series. However, if you watch the video for more than 30 seconds, you’ll see that the video is offering a sarcastic congratulations to T-Series, and pretty much trashes them the whole video. The line “Yeah, you did it very nice, and all it took was a massive corporate entity with every song in Bollywood” should be enough to tell you that this song is not offering any real sort of congratulations.

The song goes on to continue to trash T-Series, stating that T-Series started their business by “selling pirated songs,” implying that they may have evaded taxes, and many more backhanded insults. So, no, Pewdiepie didn’t really offer congratulations to T-Series. While I suppose you could say that Pewdiepie did technically concede to T-Series, I don’t see the war stopping anytime soon. In fact, at the time that this article was written, Pewdiepie has almost 52,000 more subscribers than T-Series, according to the live subscriber count. Despite Pewdiepie posting his “congratulatory” video and another video the day before titled “We Lost (Not Happy)“, it seems to me that the battle between Pewdiepie and T-Series is still alive and well.

[Image Credit: Pewdiepie YouTube Channel]