Red Dead Online Up In Smoke Update Is Now Live

The Red Dead Online Up in Smoke Update is now live. That’s right, this upgrade to the multiplayer half of Red Dead Redemption 2 introduces the “Up in Smoke” Showdown Mode. With this, players must fight to bring an explosive case into an enemy base. Each successful attempt will blow up a part of that camp. The first team to destroy their enemies wins!

This update also brings up a 30% experience boost on every Ability Card. There are two types of Ability Cards: Dead Eye and Passive. The Passive cards give Defensive, Combat, or Recovery boosts, each with three upgradeable tiers. On the other hand, Dead Eye cards provide special bonuses while the mode is active. Players who participate this week will gain extra XP points towards these cards. There’s also a batch of new ones coming specifically for the update. Rockstar recommends using “To Fight Another Day,” “Strange Medicine,” and “Slippery Bastard” in this new mode.

Up in Smoke also has some new outfits for purchase in the Wheller, Rawson and Co. Catalogue. There are four new items: the Winter Shotgun Coat, Benbow Jacket, Darned Stockings, and Manteca Hat. These items are available now in the Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Beta for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Of course, there’s still much more to come.

Last month, Rockstar detailed a Red Dead Online spring update that will bring with whole new systems and missions. Most important here is a hostility system, which helps players defend themselves from griefing. Essentially, it takes particularly violent players and marks them as enemies, so others can defend themselves without increasing their hostility meter. This ensures that some gamers can play less violently without being punished for it. There will also be new play style modes such as Defensive and Offensive.

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