Fortnite Twitter account hacked by frustrated fans

Fortnite and developer Epic Games have been having a rough couple of weeks. First, Epic Games removed the 50 Health boost upon killing an enemy with version 2.11 last week. That change caused the community to bombard Epic with calls to “revert” the changes. And now it looks like frustrated fans hacked the official Fortnite Twitter account.

The official Fortnite Twitter account was hacked on April 3, following fan outcry over recent changes. Last week’s changes to Fortnite were compounded earlier today when Epic announced it would not allow ultrawide resolutions in arena mode and tournaments. Every tweet from the Fortnite account is full of replies telling Epic to “revert” the changes. The first tweet to come from the apparent hackers told people to follow @cal086, which might be the hacker’s actual account. Two more tweets were also published while the account was seemingly hacked. The first read “4PF SHIT GANG BIZ” and the second read “Revert the changes !!

The Fortnite Twitter account has since deleted all three rogue tweets, but a number of screenshots have made their way online. Twitter user @cal086 only has one tweet which reads “Omega LUL.” Of the user’s 19 followers, five are pro Fortnite players and one, Gunfly, posted a DM from cal086 following the apparent Fortnite Twitter account hack.

Epic Games has yet to make any official statement regarding the hack or frustration from fans over changes to Fortnite. The company must be well-aware of the community’s frustration, as Epic has altered and removed content in the past following fan outcry. Epic pulled the Infinity Blade from Fortnite following fans calling it out for being overpowered and annoying to deal with.

In any case, this breach of security has ensured that Epic knows fans of Fortnite are pissed and will go to great lengths to make that known. Fortnite will probably keep on trucking either way, but alienating your hardcore fans and pro players is not a great look.